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Company Name

Takikawa Wholesale Market Co., Ltd.


20 million yen


Wholesale business for fresh fish, fruit and fresh produce.


Seijiro Kagai


49 people

Stock Holders

104 people

Annual Revenue

2,843,000,000 yen(April 2016 - March 2017)


69 people


North Pacific Bank, Ltd., Hokkaido Bank, Ltd., Hokumon Shinkin Bank

Our Philosophy

Takikawa Wholesale Market Co., Ltd. believes that we must consider ways of life and people, thus we make continuous efforts to become a reliable company for different people in various regions.

Takikawa Wholesale Market Co., Ltd.

CEO Seijiro Kagai

1. Stable supply of safe food

We guarantee the safe supply of food from producers to consumers.

2. Development of new processed products

In collaboration with farms, agricultural associations, fishermen's unions, seafood processing companies and commerce & industry business people, we create local processed products, while promoting the development of regional industry.

3. 'High-freshness' distribution system

Reviewing the conventional distribution methods, we have created a 'high-freshness' and rapid distribution system using IT.

4. Crisis management in the case of emergencies

We prepare for natural disasters and emergencies by using the equipment, space and other facilities of the market so that it serves as an evacuation site and a food storage and production center.

5. Gratitude and demonstrating thanks

Being thankful to people in government bodies, financial institutions, the transportation industry, and to the support of cooperative companies is a core value for us. We show our gratitude by making sure we meet their expectations.

6. Supporting healthy eating habits

We have created a system to support people who have difficulties accessing shopping facilities, and to meet the request of individual customers.

7. Development of human resources

We try to raise the level of our company by continuously improving employees' performance through staff training and education. In addition, we offer security to our employees and their families.


In the beginning, we sold fresh produce and seafood, processed agricultural and marine products, flowers and groceries, as well as various other items to neighboring regions and the Sapporo market area. However, as a local trading company, we are looking to expand our market outside of Hokkaido, as well as overseas, by handling a wide range of products including local sweets made of rice and other local specialties.

Structure of the wholesale market

The Takikawa Wholesale Market plays a role in delivering fresh produce and seafood, processed agricultural, and marine products reliably through safe and consistent methods from producers to consumers.
We collect products from a variety of producers, and deliver them to various retailers according to their needs.

Suitable storage and temperature control

Products such as fruit and vegetables, and seafood must be stored in locations at suitable temperatures. Incorrect storage temperatures can lead to spoilage and bacterial growth. It is imperative for products to be stored at correct storage temperatures.

Seafood processing

Bearing in mind the businesses of our producers and retailers, we process seafood. Vacuum packaging machines are used to ensure the products are succulent.

Fruit and vegetable processing

Keeping in mind the businesses of our producers and retailers, we process the fruit and vegetables, including the cutting and packing.

Company History

1910 Mitsuwa Gyosai Market Co., Ltd. established in Takikawa.
1919 Conversion to a stock company in order to ensure a stable supply of food and to strengthen the company's financial capacities.
1942 Name changed to Takikawa Fish and Shellfish Distribution Control Co., Ltd. due to the Wartime Rationing Organization.
1972 Name changed to Takikawa Wholesale Market Co., Ltd. due to the regulations of the Hokkaido Wholesale Market.
1990 Relocated to the current location.
1998 Built an auction hall for locally grown fruit and vegetables.
2010 Built a cargo handling facility due to the increase of product range.
2016 Received a subsidy from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Projects for establishing global value chains through collaboration between agriculture, commerce, and industry). Completed the expansion of a chilled storage, fruit and vegetables processing room, a new processed marine products room, and improvement of existing freezer and refrigerator equipment.